Between work and life

Making colours

I have been exploring watercolours for a little over a month now. I search for techniques on Youtube and Instagram and try to learn by imitation. This has been a hard but satisfying task. My exposure to painting has been the drawing classes in primary school, where the teacher would draw on the blackboard and… Continue reading Making colours

Reading and Poetry

Reading ‘The Dialogue of Two Snails’

I finally bought one of those ₹50/£1 teaser booklets of Penguin modern classics. They’re tiny enough to be read in half an hour or so, even if it’s layered poetry. I read “The Dialogue of Two Snails” by Federico García Lorca, translated by Tyler Fisher today. Completely blown away by the imagery – both in… Continue reading Reading ‘The Dialogue of Two Snails’

Between work and life

Hong Kong Diaries – Films

Hey there, I have a really long Google doc, documenting almost every thought I had ever since this trip came up in my email inbox. They are incoherent, contradictory, and messy. I'll try to make them as readable as possible, in small bite-sized chunks. (One of my many observations: Cantonese food is made into bite… Continue reading Hong Kong Diaries – Films